Are coaches better at Life?

March 23, 2021

When I first started opening up to people about my life coaching services, I got mixed responses. The most prominent ones being from my parents - they had no idea what I was doing.

*Their biggest question?*

*How was I able to make money when all I did was post Instagram stories?*

I’ve also had people ask if I could fix their depression and some just thought my entire career was a joke.

The thing that stood out the most to me was people started coming to me as if I got life all figured out - as if I was better than the average person at LIFE. The vibe I got was that people felt that life coaches were just better at doing life.

Do you guys think that coaches are just better at doing life?

Sure - on most days I catch myself “coaching” myself, ensuring that I navigate through my emotions properly, exercise motivation and also using coaching tools to then set goals and habits that last. But, does that really mean that I’m better at life?

The social misconception that comes with that brings about self-sabotaging thoughts and falling victim to the impostor syndrome.

Coaching is the art of engaging with another person in deep-thought and thought-provoking questions.

We are not better at life, we are *just better at coaching.*

A coach is there to be your guide, we stand alongside you through life to help you maneuver through the tough times and the good times. We are your biggest cheerleaders. That is why - I believe that every single one of us needs a coach. As a coach, I too have my own coach!

What do you think? Do you agree?